what makes life worthwhile

Posted on: 2012/01/18

I realized that!!
I need to skill up my English ability
I don’t need to speak Japanese well
(I mean.. Probably I never forget Japanese!)
Please don’t care my English skills…
I know My English ability is Terrible….
Especially grammar…(maybe you cant understand many parts)
But that blog is for my own…just keep practice and training!


Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile

I think Iam Haapy.How about you??

When I did job hunting every time
I asked that questions for workers.
“Are you happy now?”
(I know that is strange question, but
That answer is very important for me.)
Someone says yes others says no…
Finally,I got the rule
Every CEO answer say”YES”
(Every! Noone answered “NO”)
And every author say “YES”too.
(I sometimes go to famous author’s autograph session
And asked same questions.)
I think
Who answered “YES!IAM HAPPY!”
These people can feel happy forever.
That mean is these people can get the dream(aim of their life).

Sowhen I chose the people who work with
I wanna follow people who answered “YES I’m happy”
If I spend a time with people who feel happy
Probably I can feel happy too.

The important point is
Feel happy is very important!!

Any wayI was very impressed that word
Butan does not make happy
Butan Makes condition.
We need to keep that mind
To make happy only I can do.

How do you feel the time each days????


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